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Plenitude school

The original school, Ecole Plénitude, in France, was founded in 2007 with Catherine Vallée, Marie-Odile and Alain Brêthes. Due to the great success of this spiritual art school, it was decided to expand the school with an international department called ‘Plenitude School’. The Plenitude School is led by Véronique De Buck who is a Professor for the Dutch, English and Spanish speaking students.

Because the courses are becoming hybrid, we offer both face-to-face and distance education.

The Power of Creativity

Working creatively is the most powerful way to observe oneself. Through the creative work of art one makes contact with one’s unconscious. Feelings become visible, the cycle of life comes into view, characteristics come out in colour, shape and movement. By observing the creative work together one receives his message which, once consciously observed, will give an orientation of the development. This creates a dialogue between the unconscious and the conscious. In this way, self-expression and creativity are put at the service of the process of individualisation. It is a tool to become a more stable, conscious human being, more able to make choices for his or her life as well as to develop his or her qualities and potential.

Evolutionary Art Therapy® takes into account the evolution of the consciousness of the ‘self’ and its spiritual dimension.

The Practice

The practice consists of allowing the work to evolve (drawing, writing, painting, dancing, modelling) until it sends a regenerating, uplifting and transforming message to the psyche.
Evolutionary Art Therapy unites the artistic medium, the analysis of universal symbols and archetypes, humanistic transpersonal psychology, spirituality and esotericism.

Evolutionary Art Therapy leads you to your soul’s path, balances the mental mind and soul (heart), frees you from all conditioning, limited energies on an emotional and mental level and helps you to awaken all your unprecedented qualities and potential.

A Great human revolution in just a single individual ... will enable a change in the destiny of all humankind.

Daisaku Keda