About Me

Veronique De Buck

Professor and Terapist ‘Evolutionary Art Therapy®’
(Plenitude school – Ecole Plénitude)

Allow me to introduce myself

I am Véronique De Buck, a happy mother of two beautiful adult children, and I am living partly in Belgium and partly in Spain for some years now.

Every form of visual art (intuitive painting, watercolour with music, model drawing and acrylic) is a common thread throughout my life.

I was working independently for many years in the travel business – a job that has greatly enriched my heart and way of life – and after experiencing a serious illness, I decided to give my life a different direction and took the decision to follow the course ‘Art thérapie Evolutive’ at the ‘Ecole Plénitude’ in Nantes (France).

Thanks to this intuitive, innovative and transformational way of drawing, I have had the opportunity to release myself of all the emotional blockages and to grow towards a balanced Veronique who now recognises her own talents and embraces the beauty of life.

Being a Professor within “Ecole Plénitude” is a heart and soul wish that is finally fulfilled, and because of this, from now on I can and may share with you the wonderful philosophy and wisdom of the Evolutionary Art Therapy®.
This wisdom has taught me to let my inner crystal diamond – which had become rougher through conditioning, ancestral energies, personal difficulties and life experiences – shine back with its full light.

The philosophy of the School has helped me in my search for my inner self “who am I”, my inner wisdom and my higher consciousness. This training has given me a wonderful combination of evolutionary psychology, creative art, spirituality and esotericism.
The Evolutionary Art Therapy recognizes that we are composed of two energies: our ego and our soul.
It is the psychology that stimulates the evolution of your inner being and this through the transformation of your own artwork. After all, your work is the mirror of your inner self.

Through the Evolutionary Art Therapy we give the necessary space for expression, we observe the meaning of the creative work, we deal in a conscious way with all the limiting thoughts of our ego and let go of our emotions in order to open up. Through this way we gain more understanding and empathy for our fellow human beings in order to face life together from love and beauty..
Life is welcoming every experience as an opportunity to give it meaning and as an opportunity to evolve….
By walking your long life spiral path, where everything is discovered, you travel to the heart of your inner being.

Evolutionary Art Therapy fills a large part of my life, has become my philosofy of life,  which I passionately wish to share with future therapists.

My work experience as Evolutionary Art Therapist:

  • Outpatient individual and group sessions:
    • Supervising children with behavioural problems at school.
    • Couselling individual sessions with people of different nationalities via videoconference.
    • Facilitation of workshops aimed at harmonising the couple relationship.
    • Guiding female groups in rediscovering their beauty and female power.
    • I accompany German children with behavioural problems who have been placed in families in Spain: The
      German association ‘Sozialpädagogische Projekte Coccius’.
  • Clinical sector: I work as clinical art therapist at the international rehab centre ‘Camino Recovery‘. This centre accompanies people with substance abuse problems and young people with different psychopathologies (bulimia, anorexia, depression, alcoholism etc.). I also conduct group workshops to harmonise family relationships.
  • Training workshops: together with my teacher Marie-Odile Brèthes, I have been organising and running one-week workshops in Spain (in my home) with an international audience for the last 5 years.